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Modes of Publishing

March 12, 2012


This image encapsulates my understanding of this weeks lecture. The faces on these Lego toys are blank canvases or platforms that have been published on with a variety of emotions. If publishing is defined as making something known, emotions certainly portray this as they allow insight into even the most complex human being.


Before beginning this course, my knowledge in regards to publishing was simplistic. I have been made aware that publishing can take place on numerous platforms. Although this picture states the many different ways in which an individual can publish something, it represents one of the more well-known publishing platforms, writing. Writing is able to capture something and make it tangible for those weren’t around to witness it. This may anything from a train of thought to something that was said.


Writing statuses and Tweeting are modes of publishing that take place on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your personal thoughts and opinions concerning ‘what is on your mind’ on these networks, publishes your ideas to whoever you are connected too. Social networking is one of the easier ways to make something public, epitomising the essence of publishing.




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