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Don’t be an accidental pirate. Arrrrrrrrr

April 9, 2012

Picture this, you are taking film studies as an elective at University and you miss your first lecture. You later find out that the lecture was a film viewing and that one of your major assessments is based on what you were supposed to have watched. You have never heard of this film before and neither have any of the video shops in your area. Whilst googling the film you come across a website in which you can download it free of cost. You breathe a sigh of relief and click on the free download button. You have just committed a crime.

Piracy is the duplication of a copyright protected item; it could be a video or sound file (movies and songs), a PC game, software or even a hard copy of something.

Many individuals believe that because they haven’t actually physically gone and purchased a hard copy of a duplicate copyright item, they are doing nothing wrong. This is incorrect. Downloading movies and songs through the Internet is very much illegal.

However, piracy is something that can be easily done without actually meaning too…

We all know this movie its features at the beginning of every movie and DVD and Blu-ray we own.

Well bet you didn’t know this…

The music that features in this video is actually stolen

Melchior Rietveldt, composed the tune for a local film festival when he was asked by Hollywood funded anti-piracy group BREIN Rietveldt discovered a few years later that his music was being used more than was contracted. The Netherlands-born composer is now owed an estimate of over 1.5million dollars by Motion Pictures Associates of America after they stole his song for a video, based on the repercussions of stealing intellectual property.

Is that not the most ironic thing you’ve heard in a while?



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