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Do I have to pay attention to infotention?

May 28, 2012

Hmmm infotention, infotention, info….

Sorry, back. I just had to check my facebook for a second and then my friend told me to watch this hilarious YouTube video she just saw, and then I thought I should see if any of my favourite channels had any new videos out…

So yes… That’s right! infotention.

I find myself agreeing with online instigator Howard Rheingold, as he describes infotention as a tool that we, as complex minded human beings need to help us navigate our way through the Internet to decide what we should be focusing on and what we should be disregarding.

The Internet is a never-ending source of information, which can be accessed instantaneously. In order to decide what we should focus our time and attention on we need to take Ernest Hemingway’s ideology into consideration when he says, “ Every man should have a built- in automatic crap detector operating inside him.” Rheingold likes to think of this as crap detection 101.

Essentially, I think an example of this can be seen through social media site Twitter. Billions upon billions of text is ‘tweeted’ everyday. However, it is up to the twitter user to choose what he or she wants to view and who from. The follow and unfollow button then come into play so individuals are able to sift through the ‘crap’ and can read tweets from exactly who they want. (if only talking to people was this easy ha-ha)

A very interesting argument about this topic is made on The Aporetic as the author compares attention in the past and attention now.  A point that really resonated was the idea that attention is constant and it directs itself, therefore when it’s free it goes to whatever is available.

In saying that, tumblr is calling my name!


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